The Best Go-Karting Tips For Beginners

Go karting is fun for people of all ages. Whether you’re racing with your friends or family, here are some of the best go karting tips you should consider the next time you’re o n the track

  1. Choose the right seating position to gain access to all the control tools of the go-kart. Make sure your back is resting comfortably on the seat. The steering wheel should be at arm’s length. Make sure you are leaning or hunching forward because it will reduce your speed considerably.
  2. Choose symmetrical grip on the steering wheel. It should be firm but relaxed and make sure your hands are directly opposed. Basically, you need to grip the steering wheel on the 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock positions. That way, you don’t need to adjust your grip when moving in or out of turns thus maintaining your momentum or speed accordingly.
  3. Maintain your momentum throughout the track for the best results. You need to be aware of what’s ahead of you. Look ahead on the track to anticipate any maneuvers you need to make. That way, you can position yourself in turns before overtaking. It’s the best way to maintain momentum and speed throughout the track.
  4. If you want to win, you should take straight lines throughout the track. Keep the kart in straight lines to cover the maximum amount of distance for the highest speeds. Don’t approach slower drivers by overtaking or swerving dramatically because it will reduce your speed.
  5. Maintain a smooth drive throughout the track by maintaining a straight line. Take smooth and gradual turns and avoid any sudden movements that might force you to break. When turning, you shouldn’t dab at the break to maintain the maximum available traction.

Enjoy these and more go karting tips and happy racing next time on you are on the track!